NextGen is an ideal place if you wish to take your website to a new highs in terms of presentation and reach. With innovative design and digital marketing expertise, we provide design, web development and digital marketing solutions that you will love and remember. We perform it with a combination of Strategy, Style, Uniqueness, Creativity, Technological Expertise and, yes,  all these with  Strong Consumer Psychology Understanding.

We remain focused working with our clients to drive sustainable growth for their products and services. We build the right mix between performance and design that drive business growth. Performance and brand marketing should be complimentary, and we’re here to make that a real phenomenon.


Agility and flexibility have remained a good part of our culture and way of working for many years. We pride ourselves on moving instantly with our clients to deliver smart, flexible execution that makes every penny spent must add incremental value. We work with many brands across multiple sectors, and there is no one-size-fits-all model, we come out with unique solutions to all clients.

Graphic Designing

Graphic designing of animated figures, customized greeting cards or logos can distinguish your company in the marketplace. Our expert graphic designers can provide creative design solutions for a wide range of graphic design needs overnight. We can digitize and vectorize your existing logo for printing and web applications, in different formats. We can graphically design or re-design your website to improve its overall appearance.

Flash Presentation

Need to impress your audience; we can make a killer Flash presentation for you. Our dynamic and interactive flash presentations can be used to enhance your business image, product launch, educating your customers and communicating your message with clarity and intensity for maximum impact. We get your point across strong. We make sure that all graphics and photos are laid out accurately; the template itself is appealing and easy on the eye (not overpopulated with too many images or words). Whether you need a simple presentation or an interactive presentation, our designers can do it for you. Send your material to us and let our creative expertise do the work for you.

Animated Banner Designing

A Banner design is a complex graphic creation and in most cases attractive animation alone or colorful images will not make it work as you would expect Combining quality graphics with working elements that produce results is what we do. Our banner designers know how to design effective banners, ones that will make a difference! Your banner is your advertising message. Let it portray your business.

2D Animation

It is nothing but a series of images viewed one after another in a determined time, which creates an illusion of movement. This provides a realistic experience creating to stimulate action and movements. Coupled with audio files, it provides a perfect medium to showcase any product or company. We can create animation for various applications ranging from entertainment, short stories, product demos, TV Commercials to academic interests. We have the perfect blend of animators, illustrators and designers to produce any variety of animation work.

3D Animation

3D animation is quickly expanding not only in Entertainment, Education, Medicine but also in the Games. Games composed in 3D Animation are a major hit worldwide, because all are witnessing a real world in 3-dimensional way in front of them. We can create a product Demo, a walk-through or bringing a historical past era in the background without erecting expensive film sets for your movies.