Associated with CAMS and Franklin Templeton for mutual fund forms digitization; Karvy IPO forms Digitization - More than 10 Lacs mutual Fund forms and 8 lacs IPO forms processed.

Data Management

Litigation coding of various US, European and Australian Legal Documents for Indexing and retrieval - Appr. 15 Lacs legal pages processed.

eBooks conversion compatible with multi devices in multi languages - ePublishing of more than 8000 titles in English, French, Swedish, Greek, German languages in multi output models done.

App Development

We support in creating Android or IOS based apps or any upgradations or enhancements or modifications in latest technologies.

Why Choose Us

Let's grow your business together

Blending of Research, skillset and Techmology.

Our optimisation on Real Time Data, research and Technology makes it easy to solve our clients problems and optimise their returns.

Awesome Investor Experiences

We're creating great experiences with our transactions, understandings and output, that can be trusted…with more specific information to investors.

Helping clients make more goal oriented, and invest to reach their financial objectives is paramount to who we are. And this vision is shaping our each moves, whether we are dealing with individual clients or firms.

Investment thorough Data

Comprehensive and timely updated real data is paramount to any research onm investment but also its application and execution for maximum yields. That's what we attempt..every time.

No short cuts, No Get Rich Quick or Double your Capital in one year...kind of investment. We aim for reasonable, justifiable and better outputs than traditional ones. That's what we attempt..every time. Real time data checked and authenticated evrytime before put into practice makes our actions strong and reliable.

Simplest Data Management

No Jargons involved, which only finance professionals can understand.

A simple Data and Language which a normal invester can understand without losing its core values, depth and insights…is what we aim to deliver to each of our clients.