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Startup Funding

A startup is a company that's in the initial stages of development. It's started by one or more entrepreneurs to address a specific demand for a product or service. Startups are high-cost and low-revenue businesses, which leads them to seek outside investors for capital until they can make a profit.

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Few of the digital platforms support you in this regard are:


startup funding stages

  1. Pre-seed funding stage
  2. This is the research phase of beginning a startup. During the pre-seed stage, make sure to answer the following questions:

    Is your idea viable?
    Has your idea been done before?
    How costly is your venture?
    What kind of business model will you use?
    How will you get started?

  3. Seed funding stage
  4. At this point, your idea is an actual business with some customer traction. Entrepreneurs in this phase provide company equity in return for larger amounts of cash provided by investors. Costs covered by seed funding include:

    Product launch
    Product marketing
    New employees
    Market research on product-market-fit

  5. Series A funding
  6. The Series A funding stage marks the beginning of venture capitalist investment, and shares of the company are offered in exchange for capital. At this point, you can begin to set yourself up for future business growth. This includes the following:

    Optimizing your business
    Offsetting financial losses or shortfalls
    Further developing your product or service
    Creating a scalable blueprint for growth

  7. Series B funding
  8. Startups in this stage have dedicated user bases and steady streams of revenue. At this point, you've proven you can scale your idea. Investors can now help you:
    Employ advanced market reach activities

    Increase market share
    Form operational teams such as business development and marketing

  9. Series C funding
  10. Series C funding is for a company well on its growth path and often interested in expanding globally. It may be easier to find investors at this stage, as they trust the startup to succeed. Funds at this phase are used to do the following: Build new products
    Reach new markets
    Acquire underperforming startups in the same industry

  11. Series D funding and beyond
  12. There are usually two reasons a startup goes past the Series C funding round. They are:

    New opportunities: A potentially lucrative opportunity appears that requires the company to act before the Initial Public Offering (IPO).

    Subpar performance: The startup misses the goals set during the Series C round of funding. It then raises more funds in the Series D round to address the issues.

    There is no limit to how many funding rounds a startup can go through. If a company has more advanced revenue goals, it may complete as many fundraising series as necessary.

  13. Mezzanine funding and bridge loans
  14. These loans are designed for fairly mature businesses worth at least $100 million. A mezzanine loan blends debt and equity for lenders, while bridge loans are short-term financing. They close the financial gap between this phase and the IPO. The funds might be used to buyout the management at another company or acquire a competitor. Loans typically last six to 12 months and are paid back with proceeds from the IPO.

  15. IPO
  16. An IPO is the pinnacle of startup success. It occurs when shares of the company are offered up for public purchase for the first time. The IPO is used to generate funds for further growth or allowing the startup owners to cash out their remaining shares for personal income.

    Important events occur in preparation to issue an IPO. They are:

    Formation of a public offering team comprised of SEC experts, lawyers, accountants and underwriters
    Compilation of the startup's information such as financials and anticipated future operations
    Preparation of an audit of the company's financial statements
    Completion of the governmental IPO requirements, which include filing the startup prospectus with the SEC and formalizing the offering date.



    NFTs are digital files. They can be a jpeg of a piece of art, real estate, or a video. Turning files into NFTs helps secure them via blockchain to make buying, selling and trading efficient, reducing fraud considerably.

    Imagine buying a piece of digital artwork on the Internet at a reasonable price and getting a unique digital token known which proves your authority over the artwork you bought. Wouldn't it be great? Well, that opportunity exists now, thanks to NFTs.

    NFTs are currently taking the digital art and collectables world by storm. Just as everyone worldwide believed Bitcoin was the digital answer to currency, NFTs are now pitched as the digital answer to collectibles. Asa result, digital artists are seeing their lives changing thanks to the massive sales to a new crypto audience.

    Although an image can be converted to an NFT, no prohibition prevents it from being copied or shared. However, the blockchain stores and clearly shows who owns the asset — ownership of NFTs can’t be faked. The euphoric feeling of having exclusive ownership is one of the major drivers of its value. For the most part, the way people earn money and appreciate the value of their NFT is through resale.

    Popular NFT Platforms and Marketplaces

    The most popular way to generate money from NFTs is by selling them on NFT-dedicated marketplaces. Today, there are a variety of marketplaces and platforms where you can create, list, sell, and exchange NFTs including:
    Axie Marketplace

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